What To Do During An Overdose

Because of the increase in opioid overdoses in our community, Billerica Substance Abuse Prevention has a procedure in place to follow-up with survivors of opioid overdose.

Billerica Opioid Overdose Outreach often includes a member of the local police, fire, and/or health department(s) visiting a client at their place of residence. Often times, mental health and/or substance abuse clinicians are involved in post-overdose follow-up as a member of one of these departments.

Billerica Opioid Overdose Outreach is used to connect survivors with treatment and recovery resources, as well as medical, and family resources. Billerica Opioid Overdose Outreach focuses on harm reduction, or reducing risk by meeting a survivor “where they are at.” This might look like referring a survivor to a detox or outpatient treatment program or connecting a survivor’s loved ones to family support services.

Some programs continue to follow-up with survivors even after an initial contact to provide continuous support.

If you’re wondering what to do after an overdose, contact Mike Higgins, Substance Abuse Coordinator